Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another "I Hate People" Moment

Or more accurately another moment in my life where it makes me sad to be part of the human race. I have disabled comments on my blog. Now, logic is probably suggesting that I did this because I got a nasty comment that I just couldn't handle and I never wanted it to happen again. Sadly, this is not the case. It was another blog that inspired this decision. I've been getting regular feeds from several of my favorite blogs for quite some time now and while I'm doing this to read the blog and not the comments sometimes I feel the need to know what others think about a specific post. Every time I go to the comment section I am pretty disappointed in humanity. Because people are allowed to post their comments anonymously or with a user name like "goddess894374" people think that they can say whatever the fuck they feel like. I saw a humor blog comment section turn into a race riot in less than 20 posts. A HUMOR BLOG. A blog meant to inspire laughter or good feelings. When a race riot isn't started in a comment section ignorance reigns supreme. Misspelling and grammatical atrocities that make it painful to decipher what the moron was even trying to say in the first place. I just can't take it.

And even though I don't get comments often enough for this to really matter on my little blog I don't think I've gotten any overly profound comments that I feel I'll be loosing out by not hearing what the world has to say. Most of the people who do read my blog and feel the need to comment about something talk to me on a regular basis and can say these things to me. Face to face. Or at least over the phone. I don't need the comments. Negative or positive. I'll live in my own little bubble where I can pretend people aren't comprised of 90% assholes/morons.